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Job Opportunities Posts

How To Format Your Job Opp.  (see examples: Yacht Jobs, Teaching Jobs)

  • Include a Job Title in the format of “Job at Company X, Location Y.” For example, “Camp Staff at Super Fun Camp, Hawaii”
  • Include a short description of your company and the job/jobs you are hiring for to be used for the body of your ad. This should be 400 words or less.
  • Include 1 picture that represents your company.
  • Include the following information for the byline of your ad: Specific location of job (Town, state, country), Salary (if paid position) or Cost to Volunteer (if volunteer or unpaid position), Season(s) you are hiring for (Summer/Spring/Winter/Fall), and a link to your company’s URL or staff information section.

Submitting Job For Approval

Before a job is posted it must be approved by Escape Normal. Please email the information above to turner (@ ) for approval. Include the duration of time you would like your ad to run (30 days, 90 days, 1 year- see below). Include “Job posting” as the email subject.


Price is based on the length of time you would like your ad to be visible on the Adventure Jobs board. Upon approval of your job posting a bill will be sent via Paypal.