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So whilst meandering around the Greek Islands searching for an adventure travel job, you are bound to encounter all kinds of things…from Italian spider monkeys molesting the female patrons to professional flyer dispensers pleading to the Gods you will not run away or call rape on them*. Anyway, I snapped a couple of vids to showcase interesting happenings should you decide to acquire a break from your dancing circus monkey corporate gig adventure travel job in the Greek Isles. Below are two videos taken with my awesome video taking skills (no, I don’t have Parkinsons). The first demonstrates some of the resume-worthy skills you might attain from a summer adventure travel job in the Greek Islands, while the other masterfully directed documentary serves as a warning of the dangers of friends letting friends act like an asshole. Regardless – enjoy.

Bartender at Circus Bar performing some flair

The bar above is Circus bar, one of my favorite in Ios, and every night boasts a flair being demonstrated by the bartenders. Drink enough and you get a free wife beater to wear a badge of honor during the day around the island.  so you drink, your watch flair, hand out a few fliers and get to live in a paradise? Sounds like a pretty bad adventure travel job huh?

Borat Swimsuit Guy getting no love from Females on Rhodes Island

*When solicitors harass you mercilessly with flyers in the street, I find it is best to accept their flyer offer graciously and immediately – then dispense a flyer back to them from a previous professional flyer encounter. This serves to cut down on trees through flyer redistrubution and also allows for the professional dispenser to feel the joy of getting a shitty piece of paper to dispose of. Karma served. And this adventure travel job in Greece doer earns their keep.