Adventure Holiday: Partying in Goa

Glorious Goa
Sitting in a far away land shrouded in mystery and intrigue, looking at an exotic landscape stretching away while you contemplate the sights of the day. It all sounds like the stuff of fiction. Holidays to Goa are not a figment of imagination. They are every inch the fascinating, beautiful holiday description you’ve read about, and every ounce of this Indian state is weighted with mysterious culture, a fascinating history and many stories of its own.

If you are looking purely for beach holidays then it would seem more reasonable to look elsewhere. Although the beaches and sea are fabulous and the weather is perfect for sun-worshippers, there is so much more to Goa than just the coast.

A former Portuguese colony, the history of civilised Goa dates back to between twenty and thirty thousand years with rock engravings and ancient monuments peppered throughout India’s smallest state. The local culture is a myriad of beliefs and legends of how the state of Goa was formed. The simplicity of living is mind blowing and the cost of living is exceptionally cheap by European standards. If you are looking for a get-away-from-it-all vacation where you can reassess your priorities and take some time out from the demands of modern living, then Goa really is the place to visit.

The wildlife throughout India is of course very well known, and here in Goa you can see lions and tigers at a special reserve, and watch elephants as they roam in their natural environment. The Goan forests are parallel with the Amazon rainforests for its rich tropical biodiversity. There are a host of wild animals, birds and a variety of free-growing fruits throughout the region. Goa has a charm all of its own and a trip here will leave you with many precious and long-lasting memories.

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