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7 Hidden Gems For Couples

Looking for some sensual Spanish spots to share unforgettable experiences with your partner? Well we’ve racked up a list of the best, most romantic places to visit in Spain’s top cities. With a combination of spectacular views, great food and couples’ activities, you can achieve that romantic holiday you have always dreamed off.

1. Seville’s Aire Spa Experience

This sensational spa is like no other. Visit the ancient Greek and Roman baths and completely unwind with various relaxing treatments, a range of fine wines and magnificent panoramic views from the Terraza Aire of the Giralda and Cathedral. Stay for the day on a  quest for your relaxation and serenity in an experience of the senses, which will most certainly be achieved. Visit their site to explore their amazing treatments and offers.


2. Barcelona’s Ciutadella Park

Barcelona’s most famous park offers many delightful activities for couples for a passionate, peaceful day out. Explore the breathtaking waterfall by climbing the two enormous crab pincer staircases onto a giant clam shell, for an excellent view of the park and surrounding pond, to share together. Without question, the Ciutadella Park is the best picnic spot in Barcelona. Grab some wine or beer, Spanish cold cuts and cheese, and make your own little tapas lunch for a fairy-tale picnic together. Why not take to the water for a romantic boat ride on the park’s picturesque lake and experience the beauty of the park from another perspective as a couple.


3. Malaga’s Secret Beach

La Caleta is Malaga’s hidden beach, unlike the other beaches on the coast of Huelin or Malagueta dotted with beach umbrellas and noisy families. Swim and scuba in the tranquil, turquoise water, sunbathe on the sands or climb and dive off the rocks for an epic view. This is a perfect spot for couples; peaceful, romantic and secret.


4. Madrid’s Wine, Dine and Entertainment at Casa Patas

What could be better than great food and great entertainment? Both, of course! Feast on classic Madrilenian cuisine while watching a world famous, exotic and erotic Flamenco performance. Get close with your partner in this old-school, intimate setting and enjoy a night bursting with Spanish culture.


5. San Sebastian’s Tours and Couples Activities

San Sebastian is one Spain’s most famous tourist destinations, and for good reason. With magnificent landscapes and immersive culture, there’s plenty to see and do. Get involved with the locals and take tours of the local markets and temples. Laugh and love while enjoying a range of water activities, like stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, body-boarding and boat trips to exotic islands. Get close and make memories you’ll never forget. Check out the tours and activities available.


6. Valencia’s Monforte Gardens

Located a short walk away from the Old Town, these stunning gardens are full to the brim with nature and beauty. Classic sculptures, a flower tunnel and fantastic landscaping will take your breath away, while you enjoy a peaceful stroll with your partner through the gardens. Its delightful and quiet atmosphere makes it ideal for a romantic walk as a couple.


7. Granada’s Moorish Treasures

The Alhambra is an immense palace, filled with stunning architecture and history. Although it can be quite a walk, it is most definitely worth it. See the extensive collection of palaces, towers, turrets and gardens, before reaching the Palacios Nazaríes’ perfect courtyards and spectacular rooms filled with impressive stucco work, carvings and tiling. Explore everything hand in hand with your partner and wear that camera battery out.  

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