6 Effective Tips on How You Can Kick Start A New Career Abroad

Once we grow up, a lot about our lives is decided by the career we choose to pursue because that’s what we end up doing for a major chunk of our remaining years. That’s all the more reason why you should always think deep and hard before choosing any career path and committing to it. In case you are someone who loves to travel and experience new cultures, or would like the opportunity to do so while working, then it is very likely that you have already thought about starting a career abroad. Today, we are going to give you six tips that will help you get there.

Choose Your Location

Choosing the right location is important because you don’t want to end up in a place which has nothing that appeals to you. On the opposite hand, moving to a region which doesn’t have enough opportunities for the type of skill and education you possess is also a bad idea, irrespective of how beautiful or appealing the place may seem. The idea is to strike a balance between the two. For example, Malta and Mauritius have a particular need for technological and financial professionals, so if you have a degree and experience in any field related to the two, you should check out castilleresources.com to see if you can start a new, lucrative career on any of the two beautiful islands. Your goal should be to find a place that needs people skilled in your profession and choose the best option available.

Choosing the Right Company

After you have chosen a city, it’s time to find the right company and it’s trickier than you may think. At times, the best option may not necessarily be the top company, but it could be the corporation that needs you more. Working in a place that needs you can be both more profitable and secure than working at a company which you need more. Always weigh in all your options before taking a decision regarding this.

Can You Get a Foreign Transfer?

Depending on the country that you live in and your field of work, it might be called different things but the general idea is to get a transfer from your company’s current office in which you are working, to another branch in the desired city. Of course, not all companies have that option, but if you are joining a new job or changing jobs, this might be something you should look for in your potential employers. There are transfer programs, on-site training programs and sometimes, short-term assignment programs that will let you work at one of the company’s offices abroad for a short period of time that can range from a few months to three full years.

Cracking the Interview

Whether you are trying to get a transfer or join a brand new job outside the country, you will need to crack the interview and it’s a lot more difficult than cracking the same interview for a local office. The reason why it is harder has a lot to do with the fact that it is an expensive investment for a firm to transport a foreign employee to another country and arrange for everything that they might need. You will need to convince them of the fact that you are indeed worth that investment and this becomes particularly hard if you a fresher. Nevertheless, it can be done and a lot of people do it successfully. The “selling yourself” bit becomes a lot easier if you choose a city and a company that lacks sufficient local professionals as skilled as you are.

Studying Abroad is a Huge Advantage

If you can study abroad, take the opportunity because that’s where you build connections as a student which become invaluable resources for you to later start a career there as well. Even short-term assignments outside the country might give you the same opportunity to network. The networking can also be done with the help of friends and family, so check to see if you don’t know anyone who is working abroad because if you do know someone like that, it’s an instant advantage. He/she might be able to let you in on openings, vacancies and other opportunities in his/her company, or even refer you directly to the superiors. There’s also work and travel programs for professionals, sometimes also called the GAP year.

Skype is Essential

Telephonic interviews are not totally extinct yet, but Skype is where most modern interviews are conducted these days and if you want to have a chance at cracking any of those video interviews, you need to make sure that you know everything that there is to know about Skyping. Also, get a decent internet connection and webcam. What people often forget is that interviews on Skype are just the same as any real-life interview, so dress well and before starting the session, make sure that the background is as neutral as possible.

If you have all the points on this list checked, it is only a matter of time before you land your dream job, but just in case you don’t have them all checked, it’s an opportunity to try a new avenue and revitalize your efforts to work abroad.


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