5 Ways to Enjoy New York While Avoiding the Crowds

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Most people head away from city life in an attempt to have a relaxing vacation. Why not do the opposite? Head to one of the biggest cities in the world for your vacation.

To soak in all of New York you need to plan a vacation spanning longer than a week. Simply covering all the sightseeing destinations can take a while. The crowds make it harder to fit in all the sightseeing over a short span of time. As with all big cities, New York is highly crowded. Both locals and tourists are in a constant struggle to exist in the city.

Amalgamation of people from different walks of life imbibes the city with a distinctive character. Avoiding the crowd, however, can is imperative to enjoying the sights of the city. Here are a few tips that can help you cut down on time standing in lines.

Choose the Right Time

New York has cold winters and humid summers. The spring and fall are the best times to enjoy the city. During spring and fall, the weather is temperate. Skies are clearer in these months. Hordes of tourists go to enjoy these seasons in New York. Winters are also crowded, irrespective of the cold. Summer might be a little humid but for the shy traveller who wants to get away from the crowd, it is the ideal time. Apart from summer, late fall is a transitional period during which crowd density is.

Avoid Weekends

While the locals head away from the city during the weekends, people from nearby states flock to the city. Every recreational activity has a long wait list. Museums are overflowing. Zoos are packed. Parks are stuffed. Famous buildings have tickets sold out. If you are in the city over a weekend take the time to relax instead of planning any activity.

Avoid Holidays

The holiday season is when New York becomes a travel nightmare. Locals and tourists are in a constant struggle to avail whatever facilities the city has to offer. Setting foot during the holiday rush is as good as throwing away your holiday. Watching the ball drop at Times Square is fun on TV. The real-life conditions during such events are dreadful.

Avoid the Office Rush

There are millions of locals who have to get to work in the morning and get home in the evening. Tourists trying to travel during these times are a cause of exasperation for the locals. By avoiding office hours, you do both yourself and the locals a favour. Move around the city during the afternoon when most of the locals are off the streets. Come evening the commuters block up the city again. So, enjoy visiting New York City during office hours.

Take Flight

The best, but slightly expensive, way of seeing the city is by air. New York Airport Helicopter Tours are offered by a number of companies. You can start your tour from JFK Airport after reaching New York. Starting your trip with an aerial tour of the city can help you plan your next few days