5 Summer Jobs in the Mediterranean

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When summer arrives, most people start thinking about vacations. It is the best time to be on the beach with your family or friends. The Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations for summer vacation. Summer is also a great opportunity to get lucrative jobs in the region because there is an increase in the number of people visiting the Mediterranean. Summer jobs in the Mediterranean will offer you an opportunity to learn valuable skills such as self-confidence, good communication, and customer service.

There are different kinds of jobs to choose from to help you earn money and still get time to explore exotic locations on your days off. Some of the countries that you can work in include Spain, Bosnia, Malta, Slovenia, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Monaco, Cyprus, France, Montenegro, Algeria, Morocco, Malta, and Italy.

Yacht Trainer Jobs in Croatia

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Are you an adventurous person? If this is the case, yacht jobs in Croatia are ideal for you. This is an opportunity to get paid as you cruise around the region. Croatia has some of the most stunning coastline. The beaches have less sand compared with other seaside destinations and this keeps the water clear. The sea is filled with rocks and grey-white pebbles. There are several old harbor towns in the country and it’s the perfect destination for anyone who wants to spend their holiday out in the sun. As a yacht trainer, you will be required to deliver sailing instruction and offer customer care to the guests. This is one of the most exciting summer jobs in the Mediterranean because you get an opportunity to accompany guests to various islands in the country. The pay is good and you get to enjoy endless travel.

Beach Resort Driver Jobs in Malta

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Malta is made up of seven islands but only three of them are inhabited. If your idea of a perfect summer is long days on the beach and partying the night away, Malta is the best place to get a job. A beach resort driver job allows you to explore the country and interact with tourists from different parts of the world. This job involves picking guests from the airport and making sure they arrive at their resort safely. You will also be required to assist the resort manager to handle various tasks in the resort. Summer jobs in the Mediterranean will give you an opportunity to visit some of the most popular locations in Malta, enjoy the sights, and relax on the beach.

Bar Supervisor Jobs in Greece

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If you are looking for summer jobs in the Mediterranean, there are various bar supervisor positions in Greece. This is one of the most popular summer destinations in the region. Greece has warm weather throughout the year and this attracts thousands of people to the country during the summer. You can work at a lobby, beach, jetty, terrace, lounge, or pool bar in one of the numerous resorts in the country. This job requires a friendly and skilled individual who can offer great customer service.

Beauty Therapist Jobs in Monaco

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Monaco is a small independent nation and one of the most enchanting summer destinations. It has several museums, beaches, casinos, ports, palaces, and it is home to the Formula One race track. Tourists want to look their best while they are on holiday in Monaco and if you are a trained beauty therapist, this is an opportunity to get summer jobs in the Mediterranean. As a beauty therapist, you will work in the beauty and spa rooms in the hotels and resorts. You will offer spa rituals, relaxation, stress reduction, skincare, and tension relief treatments for the guests.

Chef de Partie Jobs in France

France is a seductive destination with its breathtaking coastline, celebrated mountains, and mouthwatering cuisine. It is the best place to travel to for summer jobs in the Mediterranean if you are a trained chef. There are several chef de partie jobs in France especially in the summer when thousands of people travel to the country for Bastille Day and the Tour de France. It is the perfect destination if you want to make money, enjoy a variety of fun-filled festivals and explore the breathtaking landscape. As a chef de partie, you will be required to support and assist a kitchen team in a hotel or resort. You will ensure that diners get their meals on time.

These are just some of the interesting jobs that you can grab this summer in the Mediterranean. But if jobs are your bag, you can always just relax and take a cool holiday in Cyprus or one of the many countries then Med has to offer. You can even find an abandoned resort in Cyprus while you are there. Either way, make sure the Mediterranean is on your to do list this coming summer.