5 Simple ways to choose the best holiday accommodations for yourself

It can be difficult sometimes trying to choose the best holiday accommodations for yourself, and this is especially true if you’re traveling to different states or countries. There are many things to consider, and it can be even frustrating trying to find an accommodation rental that not only fits your budget but is also comfortable and even amazing.

Luckily, however, we’ve got some great ways you can make sure that not only will you find something that’s good, but you’ll find something that’s absolutely perfect for your next holiday.

1. Location, location, location

One thing that many people sometimes underestimate is how important the area of your accommodation is going to be. No matter how great the hotel or rental may appear, if you don’t feel safe walking alone there at night, it’s not going to be a great experience. Beyond safety and comfort, you should also focus on practicality. If you want to go sightseeing, the best place is to be in a central location. However, of course, if you want to get away from it all, stay away from downtown: go to a remote place located in a rural area for peace of mind.

2. Think about your family


If you’re traveling with your family, you have to make sure you can meet the needs of everyone in the family, including ensuring they have a good comfort level. You need to check the basics, such as cribs, play areas, etc., but you also need to make sure that the area has quiet time at night (especially with young children). On the other hand, if you would like to get away from a lot of noise, including wonderful but noisy children, look to see if the hotel appeals to families or to adults in general.

3. Find a combination of price and quality

When we’re talking about quality here, we essentially mean its rating, usually a star rating. This rating is always deserved for one or another reason. If a hotel or rental has high ratings, that means it provides excellent service and atmosphere, and the opposite is true if it has a low rating. Remember, however, that you don’t always need to go after holiday accommodations with high ratings, as they are also generally more expensive. There are place with medium ratings, medium-low and medium-high. If you’d like something more luxurious or memorable, then definitely go for the high ratings–and be prepared to spend. However, if you’re less concerned about amazing comfort or are planning to spend very little time in your room, then a lower rating might be perfect for you.

4. Think outside of the hotel

With the new age of commerce and accommodation, you no longer have to be limited to hotels when looking for holiday accommodations. In fact, uou can look at getting condos, apartments and even villas, and you can often get them for a very good price, similar to what you would pay for hotels. Beyond the price, it can also feel a little cold having to live in hotels. If you get an amazing apartment, however, you can have the comfort of home while on holiday.

You can also use the opportunity to try and even cook local food by finding supermarkets nearby and really live like a local.

5. Look out for extra charges

When you are looking to book your next holiday accommodation, remember to also be on the lookout for any extra charges. Sometimes, these charges are not mentioned upfront (or in a way that you can easily see it), which means that you’ll have to call or email to ask about specific details. Sometimes the extra or hidden charges can add up to make the hotel you chose almost impractical when it comes to pricing. The normal extra charges include internet connection, airport shuttle fees, and staff gratuities.

Also, you should be in the know about city taxes that will add up to your accommodation price. Be sure to always ask ahead of time, especially if you can’t find any concrete information online, before you decide to book. It would put a real damper on your holidays if you find out that your hotel is almost twice as expensive as you thought.

The 5 simple ways to choose the best holiday accommodations. With these 5 tips, you can be sure that you have chosen the best holiday accommodations for yourself and any other guests. With a good balance of accommodation type, price, rating, and other considerations, you’ll not only enjoy your holidays and comfort level, you may never want to leave.

Good luck!


Bryson Telling

Bryson Telling is a writer for Armor-Vacances, an international holiday rental company.

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