5 Must-See Attractions on Your Royal Holiday Vacation Club Various Countries Pick: Acapulco, Mexico

As one of the oldest beach resort towns in Mexico, Acapulco is home to some of the most breathtaking sights the entire country has to offer. So where to begin, and how to choose? Royal Holiday doesn’t believe you should have to make a choice when it comes to the beauty of Acapulco. That’s why the Park Royal Acapulco, their premier Acapulco destination, is located in the heart of the city, close to the beach, the promenade, and all the exciting nightlife the city has to offer. Staying at the Park Royal affords club members access to some of the most gorgeous natural landmarks around the city. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your Royal Holiday vacation to Acapulco.

  1. Walk in Papagayo Park

Located next to the ocean and featuring a stunning view of life in Mexico, Papagayo park is the perfect outlet for travelers looking to casually take in the city. The sprawling park is filled with greenery, attractions, and tons of kid-friendly playgrounds and play structures. If you’re interested in getting close to native wildlife and enjoying private walks near the beach, the park should be your first destination.

  1. See the La Quebrada Cliff Divers

Since the 1930s, swimmers would compete against each other by diving off the high La Quebrada Cliffs headfirst into the water below. Today, the La Quebrada Divers have continued this tradition, performing regularly for tourists, natives, and passerby alike. The Divers have broken records and won contests for decades, and seeing them in action is a thrill that simply can’t be duplicated.

  1. Experience the Fuerte de San Diego

For guests who are more interested in historical landmarks, take a trip to the Fuerte San Diego, where history and beauty combine. The large stone structure was created in the 17th century in response to frequent pirate attacks. The Spanish Empire-era Viceroy Diego Fernández de Córdoba erected the structure, which has now become a stunning walk-through attraction for history buffs and tourists. Part military museum, part historic attraction, the fort offers viewers a chance to interact with authentic artifacts from Acapulco’s pre-colonial history.

  1. Taste the Delights of El Mercado

A visit to Acapulco wouldn’t be complete with a trip to one of its famous public markets. For guests looking for visual and sensual stimulation, look no further than El Mercado, a giant market where vendors of foods, spices, and home goods ply their colorful wares. If you’re in the mood for beautiful tapestries, exotic treats, or artisan goods to take home from your journey, the market will have everything you want and more.

  1. Feel the Warm Sand of Tlacopanocha on Your Feet

In addition to being close to Acapulco’s beautiful botanical gardens, a string of exhilarating nightclubs, and some of the finest dining experiences on the Mexican coast, Royal Holiday’s Park Royal Hotel is located a short drive away from one of Acapulco’s most gorgeous beaches, the Playa Tlacopanocha. Home to warm, turquoise waters, fine sand, and an exhilarating promenade, the beach allows guests to spend endless hours in the sun in complete relaxation.

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