5 best gifts for those going on a gap year holiday

Do you know someone who is about to take off on a gap year adventure around the world? You’ll be apart for a year or longer, so show them you care and wish them well by getting them a kick-ass gift before they set off on the trip of a lifetime. If you are blanking right now, we have come up with several suggestions that are sure to put a smile on their face before they board their first international flight.

1) An experience

Picking out a gap year gift for a loved one can be harder than you realize; after all, they can only take with them what they can carry on their backs. Knowing this, it’s best to gift them an experience rather than buy a gadget that might get misplaced in the rush to make a train or a flight.

Depending on where they are headed, the possibilities are many. Got a child bound for Mexico? Give them a luxurious full-day tour to Chichen Itza, which include private transport, their own tour guide, and all the drinks/snacks they can consume. Will they spend time in Italy? Allow them to experience a traditional gondola ride while in Venice, which is an experience that is normally out of the budget of the average backpacker.

Whatever you choose to get, it’ll give them memories they will likely never be able to forget.


2) Water purifier


The gap year traveller often goes to places where the local water supply can be suspect at best. Rather than have them contribute to the tremendous plastic pollution problem that is currently plaguing our lands and oceans, get them a water purifier instead.

The Lifestraw is the best of these products, as it is able to not only filter unsafe tap water in places like Thailand, it will also filter out bacteria, parasites, and particulate matter from backcountry water sources. This way, they’ll be able to drink the local water, preventing them from having to buy bottled water to keep themselves healthy.

3) Universal travel adapter

Electronics like smartphones and laptops have become a ubiquitous sight on the travel trail these days, as they helped to enhance, and in some cases, fund the travels of those possessing them. However, these gadgets inevitably run out of juice, meaning they will need to be charged in order to be used again. When you are abroad, this isn’t as simple a task as you think it is. Across the world, the shapes of plugs vary considerably, leading to considerable inconvenience as your young traveller will be forced to search a foreign destination for an adapter that will allow them to use the plugs in the destination where they find themselves.

A universal travel adapter addresses this issue, as has the various prongs to ensure they are able to connect with whatever plugs they come across on their gap year travels.

4) An e-reader

As interesting as travel can be, there are times when your gap year traveller will find themselves on a 14-hour bus or train ride with nothing interesting to look at. An e-reader will allow them to kill time spent on transit catching up on the latest novel by their favourite author or reading a travel guide on the destination to which they are travelling. It is one of the those cool things to buy online.

5) Portable speakers

Eventually, your gap year traveller will make friends on the road. When they head out to the beach together, give them the ability to take their tunes with them by getting them a set of portable speakers. Linking to their phone via Bluetooth connectivity, they’ll be able to provide a soundtrack to some of the best days of their lives.

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  • Juan Ovalle
    Posted at 07:21h, 18 August

    The universal travel adapter is a must! Especially if you’re not staying in hotels all the time while traveling