4 Effective Ways to Learn New Things

Memorize and learn new things easily with these four tips

While there’s no denying that the process of learning something new can be a lot of fun, there are always some difficulties involved too. Whether it’s a foreign language, an interesting new hobby or a new academic course, you may feel doubts, lack of motivation or lack of confidence. “These essay topics sound just too complex for me; I will never be able to cover them”, “There is just too much information, I won’t make it”, “This foreign language is just too difficult”. Does this all sound familiar? Let us tell you how you can change your attitude to make your learning more productive and much more fun.

Narrow your focus

It’s true that there are lots and lots of things in life we want to learn. It actually concerns each and every area of life – there is just so much to see and to do. What you have to remember is that you will never be able to learn everything and at once. Set realistic goals, learn things step by step and make sure you do need your new knowledge (pr will need it in the nearest future).

You don’t have to focus on all the numerous things you can potentially learn. Ask yourself a question: what small thing would you like to learn right now? What kind of focus can you choose? What kind of unknown area would you like to research?

Ignore areas of knowledge that might seem tempting, but will give you nothing in terms of your immediate goals. Just concentrate on a certain subject. Just make one small step forward. Make a few small steps forward every day, and soon you will know more. Do you want to know all secrets of blogging? Would you like to do professional writing to write a good custom admission essay for example? Or maybe you want to become a photographer? You are the only person who can make this happen; just make one step at a time.

Turn a failure into victory

We can’t know how much we’ve learned until we test our knowledge and see how it works in practice. The same goes for learning: you can’t know if you will be able to find out something new until you try. It’s like a baby that makes its first steps. It may not stand firmly on its feet, it may fall, but eventually it will walk.

Unfortunately, at certain point we all start feeling insecure; we get afraid of possible failures and this fear is what holds us back. But in fact, failures are a part of the learning process. So instead of seeing failures as a negative thing that may bring all your efforts to naught, try to look at it differently. Every failure is a lesson, an opportunity to become better at something, to understand what is that thing you need to focus on most of all. Was your essay writing returned to you with a low grade? Don’t be afraid to ask what exactly you did wrong. Work on your mistakes, learn from them. Work on improving writing skills. You’ll see that soon you will do your writing assignments easily.

Make your working process fun

When we are learning something, it’s sometimes hard to accept that things move so slowly. We just want to get to the expert level (or at least to an advanced level) in no time! And when our efforts take much more time than we expected, we get disappointed and lose motivation.

Try to forget about the pacing issue. Just enjoy every minute of the process.

It may feel like a journey where walking a long way may seem boring and tiring. It’s always better to concentrate on the process of your journey, enjoying the scenery, the motion, the beauty of each step that you make.

Practice writing short notes about your positive experience – this may help you to find motivation.

Enjoy not knowing

We usually feel ashamed when there’s something we don’t know. A person who learn a foreign language often feels afraid to try and speak that language, a musician who learns how to play an instrument, hesitates to show his skills, a young author finds it hard to show others his creative writing ideas. This is something you don’t need when you are learning. Change of attitude will help you move forward.

The best advice for learning something is always “just try”. All you need is to make that first step. But remember to not overload yourself with tasks and be realistic about your goals

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