3 non-Disney reasons to visit Orlando, Florida

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Orlando, Florida – a land ruled by a giant mouse who, drunk on power and expensive cheese, has built a series of rollercoasters and an enchanted castle to live in. He’s joined by a number of other oversized creatures, including a duck with a lisp, a weird looking dog who can speak English and another unusual canine who, for reasons unexplained, can’t speak English.

These animals, presumably the product of a scientific experiment gone grotesquely wrong, eke out a living taking photographs with tourists while their mouse king cackles and controls them all.

The previous paragraphs are, of course, a horrible lie. But it’s true that Orlando and Disneyland go hand in hand, as though joined at the hip. Despite this, this sun-strewn city is teeming with alternative things to do for travelers who have had their fill of anthropomorphic cartoon characters.

We recently paid Orlando a visit during our travels – so let us share some of its non-Disney magic with you.

Universal Studios

The Orlando branch of Universal Studios is Disneyland’s primary competition – and it’s a turf war that’s raised their respective games and benefitted visitors by making both theme parks worth a visit.

Dotted throughout the park you’ll find elaborate tributes to your favorite film franchises, including Harry Potter, Fast & Furious and many others. Alongside this cinephile’s wet dream are myriad other entertainments, including the Blue Man Group, a water theme park, and a wild variation on the Hard Rock Cafe.

If you love your rollercoasters tinged with a more mature form of entertainment, this is the park for you.

Orlando Airport

The Orlando Airport is your entrance to the city and gateway to the rest of the world, but is much more than a travel portal — it’s teeming with plenty of attractions in its own right.

Its owners have thought long and hard about what passengers need, and have provided it for them in spades.

Upon arriving, you’ll find parking royalty Looking4.com ready to take your car, and your walk to the departure lounge will treat you to food from Moe’s Southwest Grill and Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

This is one of the best airports we’ve visited – so take the time to appreciate it.

SeaWorld Orlando

If you love rollercoasters AND the natural world, then SeaWorld Orlando is the location for you. Pay a visit here and you’ll witness unique underwater animal sanctuaries, giving you the chance to see dolphins and other spectacular creatures get their swim on.

Alongside this is a series of theme park rides that will place your heart firmly in your mouth. This is a busy park, so consider investing a few priority passes before you go. They’ll add to the price of the day, but make it far more enjoyable.

That’s our list! Are you an Orlando fanatic? Then let us know your favorite haunts in the comments below!