10 Unconventional Jobs Around the World Bucket List

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The Jobs Around the World Bucket List

I like people who grab life by the balls. Seriously. Life is short, maybe even shorter than we expect. There might be a bus with your name on it out there. So quit your Facebook stalking, sitting on your ass watching some hillbilly defying Darwinism on TV, and do something bold.  Something worth talking about.

To get a clear idea of what that may be, some people make a bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things people want to accomplish in life before they “kick the bucket”, aka become worm food.

And me, being the crazy, jobs around the world dude, has got such a list, but mine isn’t just a bucket list. It is a Jobs Around the World Bucket List.

But like any happy relationship, let’s keep this breezy and to the point.

1:  Black Pete – Holland’s controversial hell raiser. Black Pete graces Holland once a year when Sinterklass comes to town….by boat mind you. I wrote an Open Letter to the People of Holland  last year calling on everyone but St. Nicolas himself last year to help land me that job (even the folks I worked with at Eurail shouted) so I could be the first American Black Pete, but I came up short. I  am not giving up though on the Dutch just yet.

Black Pete



2:  Safari Guide in Africa – As it states. I love animals. And what better way to make a living then to go touring with them daily. South Africa, Botswana, Kenya or Tanzania – get ready.

safari guide


3:  Ultra Light Pilot – I first saw one of these in a James Bond movie. They are light (as the name reveals), but they are swift. They are the perfect ride for low level flights over herds in the Serengeti.

ultra light


4:  Salsa Instructor – Hands down one of the things I want to master in life. Sexy, full of life and it doesn’t hurt that beautiful women are involved. Colombia and Cuba have the best salsa dancing.

salsa dancing


5:  Flair Bartender – I have always wanted to become as much a master behind the bar as I am consuming in the bar (or used to be, I am getting old). But I want to do it in a place where I can earn some of that coin. USA, Canada, Australia…get ready.

flair bartending


6:  Working at a Winery – South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina or my very own neck of the woods, Northern California, has some delightful treats that are worthy of the Greek Gods. I was a Gluhwein sommelier at Christmas time in Heidelberg Germany, but I want to pour that stuff in a climate where I don’t turn into a snowman.

winery jobs


7: Musher – Anyone who knows me knows I  got a thing for canines of all sizes. It is actually borderline infatuation (sorry ladies, get in line behind the pooch). So what better way to get acquainted with man’s best friend than to lead a sled team (I am thinking Finland, Norway, or Alaska)

dog musher


8:  Bollywood Actor – My odds of breaking into Hollywood are about the same as me landing one of the Best Jobs in the World in Australia, but I won’t let that stop me from making a Cameo. India has a big movie scene, and I might just get a chance if I play the only card I got: the white guy card.

bolly wood


9:  River Rafting Guide – I love the thrills. And I am not sure anything beats rushing down a river on a hot day and getting paid. I think North America – Canada or USA might be the best spot for this one.



10: Volunteering Job with Elephants – Yes, they are out there, but not all volunteer jobs with elephants are equal. We don’t want no elephant rides with chains. We don’t want no job training them to fetch. No, most of these guys have already had the raw end of the stick in that deal, so I want a volunteer job that helps these guys without all gimmicks and tricks – which is why I am volunteering this week with Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Thailand.

elephant volunteering jobs

My top 10 bucket list post is a part of Save Elephant Foundation’s blog carnival to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Elephant Nature Park. Elephant Nature Park is celebrating 10 years of success protecting the Asian elephant, educating tourists and tour operators alike that there is another way for us to interact with these wonderful animals. Please take a moment to visit their website, visit their Facebook, and connect with them on Twitter.

Do you have any job ideas that I can add to my Compete Jobs List? Hit up the comments below.