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Make the most of your time in Dubai

Planning a long layover in Dubai soon, or want to make it a focus of a longer trip in the near future? After using Hotellook to book your stay, cobbling together an itinerary will be the next task facing you.

To save you the trouble of doing extensive web research, we have pulled together five wonderful ways to make the most of your time in Dubai. Check them out below…

1) Ascend Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the biggest reason why most travelers visit Dubai. This needle-shaped skyscraper is presently the world’s tallest building, piercing the sky at a peak height of 830 metres above the earth.

This feat of modern engineering is a must-see for visitors, as it gives even its most sure-footed visitors a serious case of vertigo when looking out over Dubai from its observation deck.

Even if you don’t want to part with the £76 that it will cost you to access the highest platform during non-peak hours, the views of this building from its base are just as stunning, and it won’t cost you a single pence to snap photos from this vantage point.    

2) Have afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Fancy a spot of tea while in Dubai? Do it in style at the Burj Al Arab, which has proclaimed itself to be the world’s first seven-star hotel.

Note that this activity will not be a cheap endeavour, however, as reservations for this event will cost you in excess of £120 per head.

However, the richness of the cakes on offer, its location in the Skyview Bar (on the 27th floor, 200 metres above the ground), and its privileged view of the Burj Khalifa may make this splurge a great value for those that are prepared to drop some serious cash.

3) Go shopping at the Dubai Mall

Feel like indulging in some retail therapy? Satisfy your consumer desires and escape the desert heat by exploring the many stores of the Dubai Mall.

The largest in the world by total area, this shopping centre is home to 1,200 shops, a 22-screen cinema, an aquarium, a skating rink, a theme park based on SEGA mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, and an underwater zoo.

Feel free to purchase more than you would back home, as there are no sales taxes levied on goods purchased in Dubai.

4) Saunter around the gold souk

If you are looking for a shopping experience that is rougher around the edges, head over to the Gold Souk, located in the older parts of Dubai.

Filled with more than 300 dealers that peddle gold, jewelry, gemstones, pearls, and other fine items, it is a tempting place to bargain if you are seasoned at the practice.

Although the sheer quantity of sellers means that there are deals to be struck, know that these merchants are wily negotiators, putting those that come unprepared at a disadvantage.

Even if you don’t plan on buying, riding over here on the Dubai Metro is still worth it, as the mass amounts of precious metals and stones here (it is estimated that there is ten tons of gold in the souk at any given time) is a gobsmacking sight you won’t see anywhere else in the world.   

5) Head out on a desert safari

Located at the eastern edge of the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula, there is plenty of desert located a short ride from the centre of Dubai.

As such, outdoor and adrenaline lovers should not turn down the opportunity to go on a safari into these arid dunes.

The main attraction here is dune bashing, which consists of taking Land Cruisers up and over these sand hills at terrific speed. It may sound hazardous, but the skilled drivers behind the wheel will ensure that you enjoy yourself while piloting the car you are in within its limits.

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    wow! that is an awesome place and it have so many good destination to visit. i really like beauty of that place and so stunning photos you shared.

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    Dubai is specially famous for its buildings. it have so many buildings which are skyscrapper. i really like them and so god things you shared about it.

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    DUBAI is the best country for journey i have plan to go there because i love traveling

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    I never realized just how expensive it is to climb the Burj Khalifa, but I’m sure the extraordinary views will make every penny worth it.

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    There’s a lot of fun thing to do in Dubai and their architecture is truly admirable.