Adventure Travel Jobs in the Greek Islands 

Curious about adventure travel jobs for the summer? Can you speak understandable English*? Do you have exceptional interpersonal skills (ya know, like the kind you mentioned on your resume?) and like working with drunkards, derelicts, criminal offspring, Aussies? Can you binge drink like a sailor on furlough and party ‘til the break of dawn everyday with unrelenting enthusiasm? Is your moral compass set to degenerate? Well – if you answered yes to any of these questions, you are more employable than a person with a liberal arts degree you think. Look no further than the eye of the economic Euro meltdown: Greece. The legit jobs maybe nowhere to be found, but adventure travel job opportunities abound for English-speaking party crowd willing to work for Top Romen wages in paradise. From hotel receptionist, water sports faux surfer bros,

“public relations specialist” aka professional flyer dispensers, bartending…etc. the beat goes on in the Greek Islands. And this beat pays just enough to live in paradise and drink yourself into a coma on a daily basis. The island I am specifically referring to is Ios, Australia’s newest colony; however, similar, albeit a bit more tame or gay, opportunities persist on the other Islands as well (Santorini, Mykonos). With long shifts and few, if any, days off, the employee turnover rate is high. Greek employers attempt to wrangle at least a 3 month commitment from would be staff, however, not everyone can handle the non-stop party Olympics, ergo the reason why employment signs look for people with intact livers and high morning after thresholds (under 25 years old). This leaves a steady flow of openings in various adventure travel jobs if you are patient, ambitious, and “age appropriate” (as paradoxical as that seems). Greek Island partying is not for the faint of heart, as previously mentioned, I am well into my 70s in drunk dipshit years, as such, the realm of opportunity has shut its door in my face, as I can only last 5 nights til 6am now, but that should not stop you young bucks from capturing that beautiful butterfly by landing yourself a sweet summer gig that you can lie your parents about.

So what’s the low down on these adventure travel jobs in Greece? How does one acquire such gainful employment and just how meager does one have to live in order to enjoy the bourgeois party island life?

Easy – just click here and in three easy payments of $4.95 I will tell you the secret everyone is talking about…

Ha gotcha – Internet marketers, soulless bastards…and like I would take worthless Monopoly money dollars anyway.

So how to find a job working in the Greek Islands, well just…

To Be Continued.

*the bar for this is exceptionally low, as most of the positions are held by Australians, who are just able to string a few English words together sensically (before “hitting the piss” that is)

Ios, Greece: Your future potential grave home