Fed up with filing TPS reports and refusing to do tedious and meaningless shit that no human being should ever care about, I set out abroad 6 years ago doing different jobs around the world with the goal of finding a way to work and live overseas full-time.  This website hopes to cut out the romanticized fantasies  about what it takes to live life overseas and aims to show you how to find meaningful experiences and gainful employment abroad. From doing feel good volunteer jobs with sick elephants to bizarre odd jobs in strange outfits that offer once in a lifetime unique cultural experiences, to getting your hustle on to find money making jobs abroad that keep the lights on, I hope that I can show you that it is possible to take the less traveled, unknown road and come out alive.  Have a look around and discover odd jobs, adventure travel jobs and location independent jobs that might interest you or check out the Living Abroad and Lifestyle Design sections on what the reality of deliberately making life choices to find your path is really about, and maybe have a laugh at my expense in this learning process called life. You can do what you want, where you want in life, if you just dream big.

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The Latest Jobs:

The Strangest Photographer

job abroad photographer 640x443 Around the World in 80 Jobs

Surprisingly, I hadn’t taken on an event photography gig before. It is a job you can get anywhere in the world really. Assuming you have camera skills, which is why I have probably always shied away from such jobs: I shake like a meth head in withdraw when I hold a camera. I blame coffee, or the camera, or my parents. Whatever abdicates responsibility to someone other than myself. You know the drill Gen Y, spread that blame around evenly. 

Operation Save Santa: Executive Elf Fundraiser

Operation Save Santa 528x480 Around the World in 80 JobsIn my around the world in 80 jobs quest I have taken on some pretty epic holiday jobs. From the ghoulish Krampus in Austria to the pouring Gluhwein in Germany to even selling Christmas trees in the good ol’ USA. However, this holiday season I decided to do something a bit different. After watching the non-stop news coverage of the devastating typhoon that struck the Philippines, I decided I wanted to help. With so much loss, many children would go without Santa this year. A simple gift can give to much hope to a child, so I couldn’t let that happen. So I hopped on a plane with my video equipment and threw a fundraiser to give Santa a leg up this holiday season.

The Relief Worker

the relief worker 619x480 Around the World in 80 Jobs

 In November of 2013, the Philippines was dealt one of the biggest and most destructive Typhoons in history. Wanting to put my non-existant manual labor skills to the test, I hopped on a plane and teamed up with the Red Cross in Boracay-Malay

The Terrified Public Speaker

Public Speaking Job1 Around the World in 80 Jobs

After my two-step tango with a multi-billion dollar juggernaut that spanned 3 countries, 6 cities, and 4 very confused parental units, I received the unexpected, and arguably unearned, offer to speak at the KEEN Digital Summit in Nashville.  The conference is comprised of awarding winner journalists, social media darlings, magazine editors,  public relations strategists, serial entrepreneurs, and now, it appears, a dipshit, unemployable blogger.

The Apprehensive Tiger Temple Volunteer

Tiger Temple Volunteer Around the World in 80 Jobs

The Tiger Temple in Thailand is the most controversial tourist attraction in all of Southeast Asia, but are the critics right? I decided to find out for myself in a one month long volunteering experiment.

The Lousy Laotian Fisherman

upload 8ammt4umvug114vjtu9pnkq6q2747859.JPG final 581x480 Around the World in 80 Jobs

“He says they don’t drink Beer Lao…at least not during the day while they fish. Only whiskey. Real men of the river only drink Tiger whiskey”. My first day and I was already outed as a phony.

The Unlikely Small Business Advocate

funny blogger1 Around the World in 80 Jobs

On May 13th, 2013 I received some startling news: A multi-billion dollar corporation hijacked my brand and was using in a marketing initiative. They made a creepy promo video with an actor that looked like my doppelgänger and refused to admit to me where the idea of their marketing campaign came from. After 4 weeks of trying to work out a positive solution, things went south, and I took the red eye from Bangkok to New York City to get on a level playing field.

The National Geographic Documentary Extra

Army cartoon extra 621x480 Around the World in 80 Jobs

My days of being production set bitch were surely numbered. No more lugging heavy ass tripods up 12 story asbestos filled, abandoned buildings.  No more pretending like I knew how to focus a lens or knew how to plug a magafahughegighama hag hga into z5 converter mc fuck what. I was doing what I was destine to do: stand around getting paid to smoke, act like an asshole wannabe alpha-male American guy while clad in a fabulous outfit. I was destine to be a star. Or so I thought. 

The Redundant Rice Farmer

rice farmer2 e1392011300246 Around the World in 80 Jobs

 Have you worked in a place hotter than the sun? I have. It is called a rice paddy. It is quite possibly the most un-farang friendly working environment on Earth.